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About Us

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About Us


Pest Exterminators

Bro’s Pest Control is a specialist who connects consumers looking for Pest Control experts with local exterminators in their area. Pest Control companies are screened by our affiliated partner’s and if meeting the qualifications, will be referred to your job. Bro’s Pest Control aims to provide consumers with valuable information, while at the same time connecting them with companies they can trust.


Eliminate Pests

Bro’s Pest Control is like a search engine, but only screened pest control professionals will be available to estimate your job. When you request estimates from our website to connect with a pest control company.. what we do is refer your information over to our partner (Networx) and they’ll match you with qualified pro’s in your area. In more congested areas, you can connect with up to four pest control companies.


Top Rated

There are many affiliate companies out there, but our different is that while at the same time as connecting you to screened pest control companies, we also have created a website where you are able to educate yourself about the services. We don’t want you to just send us your contact information and never land on our website again, we want you to choose it every time because you find great information while being referred to great companies.

Get To Know Us A Little More

We’ve partnered with Networx to bring you the best local exterminators. Networx, we believe is a growing company who focuses on quality. In their contractors as well as their customers, and we as affiliate partners want to be connected with companies with great morals and good ideas for both sides. Our job is to capture you, to gain your business by providing you with great resources and in turn connect you to great companies that WANT your business.

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